As a freelance producer for Cigna, we created commercials, long-form videos and 15-second social media videos about Cigna clients who overcame incredible odds to reclaim their lives after serious, life-threatening illnesses. The video below is illustrative of the work and the stories we were fortunate enough to capture. 



As a UNICEF correspondent I produced and reported on educational programmes in Colombia that are helping children recover from emergency situations and a legacy of turbulent times. This is a long-form video intended for general audiences, donors and conferences. Edited and shot by Eduardo Cure. Narrated by Amy Bennett. 



I produced this video which was shown at the opening of the Consultation on Indigenous Peoples and Minorities Issues, hosted by UNICEF in New York on 15 October 2009. Read the article by Amy Bennett.




As a UNICEF correspondent I reported on the launch of 'Children and AIDS: Fourth Stocktaking Report 2009' and produced this video. Read the article by Amy Bennett.


As a UNICEF correspondent I reported on the Ministerial meeting on implementation of the Paris Commitments relating to the use of children in armed conflict, and produced this piece. Read the article by Amy Bennett.



Here is my attempt to create a more lighthearted news package for the UN Web4Dev conference, hosted by UNICEF. Read the article.



As a UNICEF correspondent I produced a piece on efforts to rehabilitate learning centres for children in Gaza.



This was an exciting production for UNICEF because the young people were so amazing and more straight-talking than their adult counterparts. I enjoyed producing this piece and talking to the participants. Read the article by Amy Bennett.




New York Fashion Week 2010, Ralph Lauren



Calvin Klein Mens Underwear Ad Launch (VNR)



Paris Fashion Week 2010 for Chanel, Lanvin and Max Mara